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Screen printing

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Screen printing with Plastisol inks is the most common way of decorating T-shirts.
Plastisol inks provide the most vibrant colors on garments in comparison to other process of screen printing. If you want vibrant/bright inks, then plastisol inks are the way to go for your project!


Creating a vintage look requires mixing inks with additives to reduce to the opacity of the inks. This look is for retail stores wanting a softer ink feel and a more dull look on the ink colors. Worn out T-shirts with vintage screen printing process create amazing looking T-shirts!


Discharge inks will dye the garment and replace it with the ink color screen printed with. Discharge inks work well with fabrics that have been dyed with Reactive dyes. 100% cotton is the ideal garment content to use with discharge inks. Some tri-blends will discharge, but will have a vintage less opaque ink color.


Waterbased inks work best on light to medium colored garments. The ink is soft to the touch. Waterbased inks are very translucent and will provide a semi-vintage look on light grey tees and on dark garments. T-shirt colors that work very well with waterbed inks are light yellows, blues, light grey, and light green colors.