Winchester, CA

Artwork for screen printing

How to submit your artwork for screen printing?

Below we will show you on how to prepare your artwork and send it to us. Follow the details below using Adobe Illustrator software.

We accept the following file formats:

  • 300 dpi Illustrator (.AI) files are the way to go!
  • 300 or higher dpi Photoshop file (.psd)

If you submit 300 dpi files, production time would be within our standard turnaround. If you don’t have the files in 300 dpi we can vectorize the files to be in high resolution. Typically it takes 48-72 hours to vectorize your files.

From Illustrator, please make sure that your artwork is set-up as a CMYK file.

Create outlines for all your fonts. This will allow us to screen print the same font you used for your file.

From Illustrator, save the file as a PDF file.

That’s about all we need from our clients. We still have to do color separations and that would be something we do in-house. Thanks for reading and sending us the file correctly!

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions. Contact us!