Terms & Conditions

Turnaround time

Our 14-day turnaround starts upon receiving 50% or full payment, artwork approval, and mock-up confirmation. Complex orders may take longer. Shipping time isn’t included. Timelines are estimates, not guarantees. Choose rush order for faster delivery. See rush order options below.

Specific date deadlines 

Guardian of Bravery will make every effort to fulfill your turnaround deadline, although we cannot provide an absolute assurance. Require expedited service? Check out our Rush Order section below. Customers are responsible for any additional costs associated with expedited or rush shipping services, depending on the chosen carrier. We’re here to assist in selecting the optimal shipping method according to your timeline requirements. Just give us a heads-up!

Mock-ups & samples 

Our mock-ups offer a precise depiction of the artwork’s size. However, please note that they are not exact replicas of the final product. We strive to provide a near approximation of the printing/embroidery placement, as well as the ink/thread colors to be utilized on your garment.

For precise artwork placement, please consult the actual garment/product. Approval of printing/embroidery mock-ups is necessary prior to production commencement.

We cannot be held responsible for unimplemented corrections or modifications requested post-mock-up approval. Such alterations may cause production delays and incur additional expenses.

Turnaround time starts upon payment and approval of printing/embroidery proofs. Initial and secondary mock-ups are complimentary. Any subsequent revisions beyond the second will be subject to a $10.00 charge per mock-up.

Screen printing actual sample

1 ink color – $100.00, 1 location
2 ink colors – $125.00, 1 location
3 ink colors – $150.00, 1 location
4 ink colors – $175.00, 1 location
5 ink colors – $200.00, 1 location
6 ink colors – $225.00, 1 location

Actual Embroidery sample

When placing an order for the minimum quantity of 12 pieces per design, you’ll receive a complimentary actual embroidery sample!


We accept Illustrator, Photoshop, and PDF files for artwork submission. Vector files should have outlined fonts, while Photoshop files should have rasterized fonts. Please submit Photoshop files in 300dpi and saved at print size or larger.

It is important to note that we are not accountable for spelling or any mistakes in approved artwork. Customers are responsible for verifying artwork for spelling, color accuracy, sizes ordered, placement, and overall accuracy. Guardian of Bravery is not liable for any misspellings, errors, or issues in your art file. Although we make efforts to identify and highlight errors, we may not catch all of them. If you approve the artwork in the mock-up, that is how we will proceed with printing.

We are not responsible for any copyrighted artwork or slogans that may arise from customers’ orders.

To avoid additional charges, please send ready-to-print artwork. We have resources available to assist you in creating such artwork. If artwork preparation is needed after receiving your file(s), art time will be billed at our current rate.

All provided artwork files are retained for re-order purposes only. Any new artwork or copy changes must be approved via this invoice system.

Films and screens remain the property of Guardian of Bravery and may be disposed of without notice. Additionally, all production may be subject to photography and/or video documentation by Guardian of Bravery for advertising and demonstration purposes, unless otherwise specified.


Guardian of Bravery mandates a 50% or full payment upfront before initiating production. We accept various payment methods, including all major credit cards via PayPal, checks, money orders, and cash. Notably, a PayPal account is not obligatory to settle the invoice. Please be aware that check payments may require a few days to clear.

It is essential that all orders are fully paid before merchandise is dispatched from our premises. Once production commences, orders cannot be cancelled. Garment productions are conclusive, and no refunds or exchanges will be facilitated.

In the event of returned checks, a $30.00 returned check fee, plus the total amount stated on your invoice, will be applicable.


Guardian of Bravery retains the right to modify pricing without prior notification. For instance, if Outdoor, Inc. received a quote 15 days ago and contacts us today with the same quote, the price of the T-shirt may have increased since then. Guardian of Bravery will furnish the most recent pricing to reflect market fluctuations.


After payment of your invoice, no alterations to the garment selection, cancellations, or exchanges are permissible. It is imperative to verify the correctness of the selected garment before making payment. Once your order reaches the pre-press stage, neither changes to the artwork nor refunds will be accommodated.

Prior to approving your proofs, it is crucial to ensure the accuracy of all details for printing/embroidering. Approval of the mock-ups signifies authorization for Guardian of Bravery to proceed with production.

Garment Availability

We collaborate with multiple distributors to source our garment merchandise. As availability can fluctuate, we cannot assure the continuous availability of specific products. In the event of an item being out of stock, customers have the flexibility to select an alternative style or brand, or they may opt to await restocking of the desired product. However, it’s important to note that choosing to wait for restocking will prolong our standard turnaround time.

Garment Disclaimer

Guardian of Bravery disclaims responsibility for manufacturer defects such as color inconsistencies, stitching errors, mislabeled garments, loose or inconsistent stitching, and garment defects like holes or ripped seams. While we make diligent efforts to inspect garments during printing, we cannot guarantee each one, as we are not the manufacturers and cannot ensure their construction. To mitigate potential issues, we strongly recommend ordering an extra 5% of each size if precise quantities are critical.

It’s important to note that Guardian of Bravery will not be held accountable for the selection of garments printed or embroidered. While we’re available to provide guidance on selecting garments that suit your needs, it’s crucial for customers to conduct their own due diligence in choosing the appropriate garments. If you’re uncertain about which garment to choose, we advise ordering blank samples for evaluation. These samples will be invoiced at a per-piece rate and shipped without printing, or you may opt to pick them up. Please be aware that the cost of blank samples will not be credited toward your order.

Under-Runs & Spoilage

Owing to the unpredictable nature of the production process, errors may occasionally arise. For orders comprising 100 pieces or more, there is a spoilage allowance of +/- 3%. Orders with fewer than 100 pieces are subject to a spoilage allowance of 10%. Although spoilage incidents are infrequent, this policy is a standard practice in the printing industry. If precision in quantity is essential, please consider including a 3% overage per size in your order.

Rush order fees

Charges based on the turnaround time needed
5-6 business days add $1.00 per garment.
3-4 business days add $2.00 per garment.
2 business days add $3.00 per garment.


Guardian of Bravery bears no responsibility for shipping delays attributable to the shipping company. Our standard shipping method is UPS Ground. Require expedited shipping for faster transit times? Feel free to inform us!

Pantone color matching

While we maintain a diverse selection of ink colors, we also offer the option to mix a specific Pantone color. Additional fees will be incurred for this service, depending on the quantity of ink required for your job. Please note that while we strive for accuracy, custom Pantone ink colors cannot be guaranteed to be exact; however, we are adept at achieving colors very close to Pantone shades! Below is a breakdown of charges based on the quantity of tees you require printed with your custom Pantone ink color.

For 25-99 T-shirts, the charge is $25.00 per Pantone ink color mix.
For 100-150 T-shirts, the charge is $30.00 per Pantone ink color mix.
For 151-200 T-shirts, the charge is $45.00 per Pantone ink color mix.
For 201-250 T-shirts, the charge is $60.00 per Pantone ink color mix.
For 251-300 T-shirts, the charge is $75.00 per Pantone ink color mix.
For 351-400 T-shirts, the charge is $90.00 per Pantone ink color mix.

Customer supplied garment

Orders with customer-supplied garments are subject to a 10% damage allowance per location. Garments may only be delivered once an order has been placed, approved, and paid for.

All garments provided to Guardian of Bravery for screen printing or embroidery services must be new and unwashed. Due to the variability in the quality of the shirts our clients provide, we cannot guarantee optimal results as we would if ordering directly from the manufacturer.

When supplying garments for multiple print or embroidery designs, garments must be sorted and clearly labeled for each design. Orders that are bagged and/or unsorted may incur a sorting fee of $45.00. Prior to drop shipping or in-person drop-off of garments, customers should attach our invoice, along with a detailed list of the garments being supplied, including brand, style number, color, and size.

Satisfaction Clause

Guardian of Bravery cannot be held responsible for your satisfaction with the garments. While we’re always prepared to offer guidance on selecting garments that meet your needs, it’s crucial for you to thoroughly research your garment choices. If you’re unsure about which garment to select, we’re happy to provide a variety of blank samples for your evaluation. These samples will be invoiced at a per-piece rate and shipped without any printing. Please be aware that the cost of blank samples will not be deducted from your order total.

Sales tax

Sales tax applies to California residents. To be exempt from sales tax, please submit a valid Resale Tax ID Certificate.

Ownership of artwork 

Unless otherwise agreed upon before production, all artwork, vector images, and screens produced by Guardian of Bravery for your order remain the property of Guardian of Bravery Screen Printing. They will be retained at our facility for exclusive use in fulfilling your orders. As our standard practice involves preparing and vectorizing artwork for production orders, these services are deemed as part of the file preparation process.

Any transfer of rights to creative work and materials created or commissioned by our staff is subject to reasonable release fees. These fees are determined solely by us and are commensurate with the creative services provided.

Screen preparation & stock of screens 

Guardian of Bravery retains the screen(s) at our facility for exclusive use in fulfilling your orders. These screen(s) are kept in stock for a period of 3 months from the date of your last order. After 3 months of inactivity, we reclaim the screens. This practice not only aligns with our commitment to eco-friendliness but also maximizes the shelf life of the screens.

Holidays, Yay we get a break!

We cherish time with our families and friends, especially during the holidays! Therefore, we will be closed on the following holidays. Please note that these days will not be considered operational business days and will not be counted as part of our turnaround time.

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve