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How to run your PTA!

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1 – You need awesome custom T-shirts!

We can help with your needs in custom apparel as we ship nation wide! Below are some links to help you navigate our website. Please contact us if you have any questions!

2 – Try to get Award & Grant Opportunities!

There are a great amount of funds from the government to help your students.

Visit National PTA for more info.

Visit California State PTA for more info.

3 – Use the Local PTA Kit!

From National PTA, utilize the PTA kit they provide. There are tons of great resources to ensure your success.

4 – Get trained!

National PTA has some training tools that are free and full of info! Get trained!

5 – Start Fundraising!

Keep it simple! Use texts/fonts to create a catchy slogan of your school. Sell the tees and raise money for your students and staff! Connect with your school’s graphic designer or teacher to help come up with fun design! Keep in mind that the more colors in the design the more pricey. Keep the design at 1-3 ink colors max to keep your cost down!

6 – Now that you got some tools to lead, let’s get your T-shirts printed!

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